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Commemorative Airmal July 5, 1929




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The V-173 Flying Flapjack design conceived by Charles H. Zimmerman in the early 1930's did not fly until 1942. Locals called it the Flying Pumpkin Seed. A prototype aircraft was built mostly by volunteer Vought employees, "off the clock", as war effort was concentrated on the F4U Corsair. Housatonic River, Stratford, in the background



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The very sad story regarding the final XF5U design. The A/C was not completed until end of WW II. Every military service wanted jets. So, after final completion and rollout, the U.S. Navy ordered it destroyed and reduced to pieces by a wrecking ball without any opportunity to fly it or gather invaluable high aspect ratio design data.


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Chance Vought designed and built the F4U Corsair at the then Bridgeport Airport. It was the 1st military fighter to exceed 400 mph. Because of it's success in combat -- it was in later years built under Vought license by General Motors and Goodyear as well.

Bridgeport was decribed the Arsenal of Democracy as so many planes, armaments, manufacturing and munitions was centered here to supply our armed forces and allies during World War II.


Air Show - Bridgeport Municipal Airport 1954

Internet historians say the airport was named Avon Field -- some say "incorrect!" as not at that location. Later, Mollison Field as a Capt. Mollison flying from Wales crashed on a flight to New York. The airport was rededicated as Igor I. Sikosky Memorial Airport in 1972 -- the birthplace of 1st successful helicopter.



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The V-173 Flying Flapjack at the Naval Air Station, Floyd Bennet Field, New York. Boone T. Guyton,  Vought's chief test pilot flew the prototype aircraft. Perhaps unknown, Charles A. Lindberg also flew the A/C and gave it high marks.  The V-173 is on display at the Smithsonian, Washington, DC




The following is a forensic recreation of U.S. Airways landing in Hudson River

Thank you "Sully" and entire crew - Cactus 1549


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